The EPS Show

It was a big week last week for all things event related. The EPS show, along with the PA show and Confex took place at Excel. Companies throughout the event industry were able to network and showcase products & services over the 2 days, with thousands of delegates in attendance. As you can imagine, in attendance were a vast array of event solutions, AV specialists, Stand builders and suppliers. As well as everything from corporate entertainment solutions, event staff, all things AI. They even had a rent a dinosaur for your next event! We did try to squeeze a T-rex into the Cyclone but the tail was proving an issue.

One feature of the EPS Show was their luminary voyage zone - this was a unique feature where attendees walked through a blacked out area, with various experiences in each section all based around the senses. Silent discos, laser shows and immersive experiences all contributed to creating a truly unique experience which seemed to be a huge hit with visitors!

The show organisers reached out to the Unique Ideas team, a month or so before the event took place. They tasked us with being part of the Luminary Voyage zone, and wanted us to develop, create and execute an experience for the zone, in keeping with the theme of sensory, as the last leg of the journey.

Naturally, we jumped at the opportunity as this is what we do best. The team at Unique Ideas got together at the war table, had a ‘blue sky’ meeting and bounced around some ideas that we thought would not only work well, but truly bring value to the overall experience.

Given we’re the manufacturers of all of our products, getting inventive with our products is something we’re tasked with all the time.

The concept was engaging, yet simple. We loaded up one of our cyclone machines with a vast array of coloured balls, branded the machine up with all necessary campaign messages, sprinkle in a few nice up lights & some LED batons.

And the task? - attendees were asked to use their sight and guess to the best of their abilities, the amount of cyclone balls that were ‘floating’ in the tank. Contestants would then visit us at the show, submit their answers for a chance to win the star prize.

The organisers loved the idea, and this in turn lead us to be able to attend the show ourselves.

On our stand we took our menu of products, including all our latest unique exhibition stand attractions, immersive games and challenges we hire out for conferences, exhibitions, staff incentives and everything in between.

Some say timing is everything, and a few weeks prior to the show we had just finished not only our AI Photo Booth, but our range of Snatch or Catch reaction games, ranging from an 8 player 4M rig, to the ‘expo version’ which can be used on the smaller stands.

The Cyclone is always a huge hit at these exhibitions, but it was only the 2nd time we have taken our Snatch Or Catch into a public domain, and needless to say it went down a treat! No age nor class boundaries, just a fun, captivating experience that not only looks the part, but offers a competitive yet fun experience for all players. It’s well worth a look at our PDF’S of all of our products if you wanted some more information.

Take a look at the quick highlights video from the show.

The Game:

The Ultimate Attraction, For Any Event!


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