The Cyclone With Warner Bros & Vodafone

OMR Festival. What a busy show that was! In partnership with Warner Bros and Vodafone, The Cyclone took to the stage in Germany to do what it does best! As an approved supplier we cant wait to work alongside Warner Bros again in the future.

From our point of view, the Cyclone was a great success and could not have gone better for us. From the planning to the implementation, everything worked out great and the coordination with you was pleasant and highly professional. The Cyclone was in operation throughout the two days and we had over 500 attendees over both days. Special thanks go to Kevin, Jude and Elias. Both set up and take down worked great. During the two days of the fair, Elias and Jude took over the supervision of the Cyclone. Both were super motivated, only took breaks when they were forced to and did a great job from the first to the last minute. I was really thrilled with how well they represented our company. Please tell them that I am really happy about it.

In summary, I can say that the project was a complete success, and I will schedule the Cyclone again in the future for events. In addition, several people have already contacted me about it and I have been very happy to recommend you to others.

The Game:

The Ultimate Attraction, For Any Event!


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