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Event planners across the UK and Europe are feeling confident again in welcoming delegates back into event spaces. While the virtual experience has improved exponentially since the pandemic, we’re all excited to see the return to live, and no more so than the CI Group, an award-winning agency experienced in live and experiential events, incentives and rewards.      

Together with their clients, CI are back delivering live events and showcasing the very latest in event and exhibition ideas. This includes blending live and digital experiences, which they have found to be a powerful way to spark attendee interest and increase event memorability. For along time, delegates could only connect virtually, and social media provided an easy and convenient way to stay in touch. Now we’re able to experience live events in person we still want to be able to share it on social media, elicit response and enjoy likes and feedback.    

CI Group recently partnered with Bob Davies, from Unique ideasU.K. Ltd, a Wolverhampton based gaming manufacturer, to test out this theory -with fantastic results.  Together they designed an event for Computacenter to bring them the first ever event in the world using the newly launched Cyclone 360 and digital leader board.      

What is the Cyclone 360?  

The Cyclone 360 is a fully customisable cyclone machine, paired with a 360 digital camera that captures the action using an orbiting camera. The recorded output can have a custom theme, music or corporate overlay applied and the video can be shared instantly via the sharing station.  The video format and size make it perfect for social media.  Everyone leaves the party with more than a balloon!    

Having appeared on the Dragons Den and chosen by Hilary Devey for investment, the prototype Cyclone has made hundreds of appearances at exhibitions, retail and team building events, as well as the Captains Challenge on Question of Sport. The latest incarnation, Cyclone 360, brings a new dimension to interactive gaming at events and shows how the industry is adapting and shaping to meet client and delegate expectations.    

With the success of this event and Cyclone 360, we are ready to transform your next event and make it better than ever.

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Cyclone360 Launch Event CI Group - YouTube

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We wanted to take our Cyclones to the next level, and what better way than to make the experience everlasting.

Cyclone™ 360

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